White Cedar Lumber

Northern white cedar stands well above other woods for both interior and exterior applications. Besides being among the most insect and rot-resistant species, northern white cedar weathers naturally to a beautiful silver gray.
Siding, house trim, a garden structure - set your work apart for generations to come.

Advantages of White Cedar Lumber

  • Naturally Resistant to Decay
  • Naturally Resistant to Insects
  • Processed Sustainably
  • Highly Receptive to Stains and Paint
  • Stable and Soft, a Joy to Work With
  • Makes Your Project Look Great

More About White Cedar Lumber

Long-term savings for long-lived beauty. As the largest manufacturer of northern white cedar products, True North Cedar can provide you – the retailer, builder, or homeowner – with cedar products at absolutely the best price and of the best quality available.

Centrally located in northern Minnesota, we can ship anywhere.