White Cedar Shingles

White cedar shingles outlast all others because they naturally inhibit decay and pests. Bugs don’t like white cedar. Just look to the hundred-year-old structures throughout the eastern United States still carrying their original shingles.

Advantages of White Cedar Shingles

  • Naturally Decay Resistant
  • Naturally Insect Resistant
  • Our Shingles are Sustainable
  • Easy to Stain or Paint
  • Looks Great on your Projects

More About White Cedar Shingles

Our northern white cedar shingles weather to a silvered gray when left unfinished. Left as is, their natural rot-resistance will protect them for decades. Stains and paints hold well, too. We offer pre-stain and paint services on shingle orders over 15 squares; this assures you of exceptional, lasting color and protection.

At True North, we sell shingles by the square. To assist with calculating your material needs, a square is equal to 4 bundles of shingles and covers a 10' x 10' [100 square feet] area when exposing 5" of the shingle butt.